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Make the internet safe for your kids. Stay in touch with them while browsing.

Fulldive Kids gives you an opportunity to talk to your kids on any website they visit. Choose which content and sources will be shown to your child.


Download Fulldive Kids to make the web safe & secure for your kids

All the kids’ content websites in one place

Let your child discover the most fascinating but at the same time educative content like YouTube Kids’ specific channels or educational websites

Talk to your kid and explain things that matter

You can now chat with your kids directly on the website, controlling their web experience and monitoring resources they view

Children are our future

Let them lead the way, but in the right direction!

Download Fulldive Kids on Google Play


Filter the content that’s not needed

From now on, you are able to control your kid’s news feed to make his or her discovery safe. Be sure your kid will be safe from dangerous information


Discover our other products

In Fulldive, your browsing experience is our first priority. Fulldive Browser is a fast, all-in-one browser with an ad blocker. Fulldive Review connects all reviews and feedback from your friends in one place.

Fulldive Browser


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Fulldive Review


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